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I was so tired of my GoPro batteries dying and found this awesome product called... PowerStick-53" by YOLOtek. It's a Powered GoPro Mount for Boats and they have other great products too, it is what we have been using lately to capture the videos posted on our social media platforms.. Click this link for more information:


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When it comes to a fishing rod your hands tell you the story... From the moment you grab hold of an iROD you can feel the the best technology in the industry at work. This isn’t a coincidence or an accident, this happened because the rods were literally designed, tested, created and used by some of the best pro bass anglers in the world. Each pro designed rods for their strongest techniques where they incorporated all the details that make each iROD perfect for the job. Each pro has input into the design of the rods. What does this mean to you? It means that iRODs are the most technologically innovative and comfortable fishing rods on the market. iRODs are the perfect combination of highest quality, latest technology and tremendous value. We know once you’ve got an iRod in your hands you’ll feel what we are talking about.

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Q Sciences offers innovative, high quality full spectrum hemp, nutritional, and weight loss products. Healthy self care products for every lifestyle.

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