who we are

OUTFITTER: a shop or person that sells specialized clothes (an outfit is a set of clothing). More specifically, it is a company or individual who provides or deals in equipment and supplies for the pursuit of certain activities. The term is most closely associated with outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, canoeing, hiking, rafting and trail riding using pack stations

The Copple family has always had a passion and dedication to the outdoors and living an outdoor lifestyle. With me, it started with my dad and grandpa taking me fishing as soon as I could walk...that sparked a passion inside me that has not only stayed there but has continued to grow. There is nothing that makes us smile like seeing our own kids with that same passion for the outdoors and being able to share those special moments with them.


My family wants to share that same passion and tradition with all of you. The mission of this page and Copple Outfitters as a whole is to inspire you to unplug yourself and your family from today’s chaotic world we live in and go have an adventure. Adventures can happen anywhere and everywhere. You don’t need to live by the beach, forest, river or stream...your adventure starts where you want it to! So unplug, unwind, decompress from the stresses of everyday life and enjoy being outdoors! Don’t forget to share your adventures here to help inspire others to do the same.

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